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The secret of the Great Northwest

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- Children of military families get to experience many journeys as part of their parents' military service. From the wonders of Asia to the sights of Europe, our military children have many opportunities to see and experience the world.

One child quickly found an atlas and started planning the next round of experiences in his families' Air Force life when the Air Force said it was time for his family to move to Idaho.

Within eight weeks of moving into Gunfighter territory, this bold young child and his family had visited the Malad Gorge, the beauty of the Thousand Springs and the raging water flow at Shoshone and Twin Falls, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, the mini eruptions at the Steamboat Geyser and the rainbow colors of the Grand Prismatic Spring.

Additionally, the child participated in multiple youth activity programs on base, attended both an art camp and a scout camp in Mountain Home, learned about the basics of golf at the base golf camp and watched Tops in Blue perform with his family.

These opportunities and more are available to all Gunfighters. All you have to do is be involved in your wing. Consider visiting the base Outdoor Adventure Program and the Ranger Station in Mountain Home to build a plan to conquer the west.

One of the priorities of our wing is Taking Care of Gunfighters (of any age). One way to do this is by visiting the MHAFB OAP, which is the best in our Air Force. You can also bowl a few frames in our bowling alley and have a meal at Strikers, check out a book or movie from our base library, take some golf lessons at our Silver Sage Golf Course, take one of the many classes in the Arts and Crafts center or experience some of the programs in the Gunfighter Fitness Center.

Maybe you would rather leave the confines of MHAFB. Great! Stop by the Community Activities Center and take one of their many tours, or explore C. J. Strike Dam where you can improve your fishing skills, enjoy a watercraft or stay the night in a cabin. Additionally, just 15 minutes down the road in Mountain Home, there are very friendly people at the Boise Forest Ranger Station of the National Park Service and the Mountain Home Visitor Center who are more than willing to share information about all of the great things to do in this region.

So remember our wing motto: "Fortune Favors the Bold." Be bold, like our young Gunfighter, and go experience the secrets of the Great Northwest.