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Proper firearm storage

(U.S. Air
Force graphic by Master Sgt. Kevin Wallace and Gary Rogers/RELEASED)

(U.S. Air Force graphic by Master Sgt. Kevin Wallace and Gary Rogers/RELEASED)

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- A permanent change to a new duty station can be both exciting and stressful. If you are traveling with firearms and checking in to your new duty location or recently purchased a firearm, below are the guidelines to utilize.

- All privately owned firearms stored in family housing or the Security Forces armory will be registered utilizing AF Form 1314. IAW IDP 31-101, the unit commander's support staff/First Sergeant is the focal point for registry of privately owned firearms.

- Unit Commanders will ensure each person registering a firearm, signs a DD Form 2760, Qualification to Possess Firearms or Ammunition, acknowledging they do not have a qualifying conviction under the Lautenberg Amendment to the 1968 Gun Control Act. The DD Form 2760 will be filed along with the AF Form 1314. When registering a POW the AF Form 1314 will reaffirm the DD Form 2760 briefing was conducted.

- Base housing residents have seven duty days to complete an AF Form 1314 and submit it to the 366 SFS Armory after arrival, receiving or purchasing a weapon.

- Dormitory residents will have seven duty days after arrival, receiving or purchasing a weapon to complete the AF Form 1314 with their commander's signature. Until the AF Form 1314 is complete, weapons will be hand receipted via AF Form1297 between the owners and the 366 SFS Armory. Privately owned weapons are NOT to be stored in the dormitories.

- If a dormitory resident does not want to store their privately owned weapon(s) in the armory they may make other arrangements at their own risk. For Example: Storing their Weapons at an off base location. Once an individual deregisters and removes their weapon from the installation they will assume full responsibility as a firearm owner (i.e. if the weapon is damaged, lost or stolen).

- Personnel that DO NOT reside on the installation and visitors, may store privately owned firearms in a vehicle (excluding family housing, bachelor living quarters, and transit quarters), not to exceed 12 hours(i.e. hunting after duty hours).

- Temporary storage of privately owned firearms in a vehicle is NOT allowed in base housing areas, bachelor living quarters, or transit quarters. These items must either be placed inside the residence (for housing areas) or taken to the SFS armory (for transit quarters).

- Privately owned firearms belonging to in-transit personnel, must be secured in the CPWD (Armory), but do not have to be registered. These items will be receipted for via AF Form 1297 from the owner and stored in a transit POW locker. Ammunition will be stored in a separate metal cabinet in a sealed ammo can.

- The Security Forces Armorer will inform individuals, that if for any reason they are on the weapons denial letter, they are denied access to their POWs until they are reinstated or have a letter from their commander or first sergeant granting access.

- Owners that store POW's in the SFS Armory and remove them for recreational use will not exceed a maximum of 4 days. Except when an individual departs on leave, TDY, or the weapon is going to a shop for maintenance. A POW owner going on leave or TDY must bring a copy of their approved leave form or orders to the armory prior to picking up their weapon

- Personnel with registered privately owned firearms must coordinate any changes in their status (e.g., unit, address, duty phone, etc.) with their commander's support staff or designee. The commander's support staff is responsible for updating the armory of any changes.

- All personnel with a registered privately owned firearm stored with SFS Armory must ensure they remove the firearm from the armory and deregister it when the firearm is removed from the installation (e.g., moving off base or PCS).

The importance of this matter strikes high interest and the concern of safety for all first responders. Every weapon registered will contribute to the safety of our Gunfighters.

The armory is open 24/7, 365 Days a year. If you have any questions regarding privately owned weapons contact the SFS Armory at 8-6108