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Stay safe and vigilant this holiday season!

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- Following years of threats made by the Islamic State toward Americans, coupled with over two years at FPCON BRAVO, attacks at military facilities are still a real concern to those who work here and especially for those wearing the uniform.

The meaning of being an American should not be a derogatory term it should have new meaning for all of us today. We can’t be consumed by our petty differences and party lines. What we can be is united by our common goal and that is the fight for our lives and the freedoms we enjoy today. That freedom though is being challenged somewhere in the world every day.

In order to defend the very nature of our freedom’s we need to remain vigilant with an increased situational awareness. Propaganda circulated by pro-Islamic State supporters has continued to enlist radicalized soldiers to act on their behalf anytime and anywhere an opportunity presents itself. So I encourage you to make yourself, your family and those you care about a hard target by being prepared.

Continue to run through your head where you are, what is out of place in your surroundings, and where is your exit to safety from an impending situation.

While there is no credible threat at this time targeting U.S. Air Force installations or its personnel for the upcoming holiday and mass gathering events season. Terrorist organizations websites continue to call for attacks in the US and other Western nations by using vehicle, edged weapons, firearms, and explosives to kill “infidels.” These websites have further directed their followers to “act without order” from their leadership and attack people at “large gatherings” and “shopping malls” to cause the greatest amount of injury and death.

The most recent attack on Halloween in New York City is just the latest example of the length the supporters will go to in order to further their agenda. So while you are out and about this holiday season keep this in the back of your mind. Whether you are shopping at the mall on Black Friday, attending a holiday parade, Christmas or New Year’s Celebrations – remain Vigilant!

366th Fighter Wing – Antiterrorism Office