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February discipline and administrative actions

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- The following captures disciplinary and administrative actions across the 366th Fighter Wing for February 2017:

Article 15s:
- An airman first class received an Article 15 for grabbing the throat of another airman. The member was punished with a reduction to E-2, suspended forfeiture of $250.00 pay per month for two months and a reprimand for violating Article 128, Uniform Code of Military Justice, assault consummated by a battery.
- A technical sergeant received an Article 15 for misusing the member’s government travel card. The member was punished with a suspended reduction to E-5, and a reprimand for violating Article 92, UCMJ, dereliction of duty.

Administrative Discharges:
- A staff sergeant was discharged for minor disciplinary infractions: absenting himself from his place of duty, engaging in inappropriate conversations with inappropriate racial comments, using his government travel card for unofficial purposes, failed to complete training to become a government purchase card holder, failing to go to a scheduled appointment and leaving a personal e-mail on his office printer. Member received a general discharge, depriving him of G.I. Bill benefits.

Administrative Demotions:
- A senior airman was demoted to airman first class for driving under the influence of alcohol in Mountain Home. Member refused to provide a breath sample.