• Financial Management Flight adapts teleworking methods amid COVID-19 pandemic

    While some jobs have been temporarily shut down in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, certain jobs must continue to work and adopt a way to maintain stability, order, well-being and security. The Financial Management Flight under the 366th Financial Acquisition Squadron is one of those essential jobs needed to support Airmen amid the pandemic.
  • Operation Support Squadron lends helping hand to wing historian

    From deployments to the garrison mission, a wing historian’s job is to document the official history of a wing. A large part of the job entails conducting oral history interviews to gain a deeper understanding of what happens in the wing. While this may seem like a lot to take on, the 366th Fighter Wing Historian has no shortage of people who are willing to help her.
  • MHAFB equipment trainer saves life and aids investigation

    MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho – Tech. Sgt. Nicholas Cliché, 366th Operations Support Squadron aircrew flight equipment lead trainer, has been an avid base jumper for four years. Base jumping can be a thrill, but it doesn't come without risks. Cliché’s experience taught him the value in following safety protocols to a "T". And knows when somethings gone wrong.
  • MHAFB utilizes new methods for upcoming retirees amid COVID-19 pandemic

    Organizations such as the Military Personnel Flight's Separation and Retirement section are making changes in order to support retiring Airmen, and in addition systems such as the Transition Assistance Program are also making adjustments to continue the support amid the pandemic.
  • Airmen help local families, strengthen community

    Record unemployment, wide-spread illness and government enforced self-isolation are looking to be the hallmarks of the COVID-19 pandemic. But if you look a little closer, you’ll find that people are changing that narrative one selfless act at a time.
  • MHAFB Enhances Joint Force Capabilities with Idaho Army National Guard

    Since 1953, the area known as the Orchard Combat Training Center has been a premier joint combined arms training site. At an area roughly 8 miles south of Boise, the Idaho National Guard, Army Reservists and now the 366th Fighter Wing are able to train on 53,000 acres of non-dudded (non-explosive) impact area and approximately 3,300 acres of dudded impact area.
  • Days of Remembrance: Forgotten History

    In honor of the Days of Remembrance on, April 21, 2020, let us reflect on a portion of Nazi oppression that is often forgotten; the cruel suppression and targeting of members of what is now known as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. While LGBT casualties and treatment during the Holocaust are small in comparison to other groups, its impact on LGBT rights is felt to this day.
  • Maintainers tell all: the struggle of COVID-19

    COVID-19 has forced Airmen to adapt and it wouldn’t be genuine to say it comes without struggle. But the Air Force is a family and, together, Airmen at the 391st FS are finding ways to enhance readiness, despite the challenges.
  • Great Minds: MHAFB Airmen protect force health through ingenuity

    With the protection of force health being a top priority during this time of crisis, Gunfighters are protecting Airmen with ingenuitive techniques and advanced technology as they use 3-D printers and materials to craft face shields and masks. Mission success hinges on each Airman's ability to perform at their best and the 366th Operation Support Squadron Aircrew Flight Equipment (AFE) and The 366th Munitions Squadron's Air Force Repair Enhancement Program (AFREP) are empowering Airmen to continue delivering air power.
  • Helping Agencies info during COVID-19

    A collection of the Helping Agencies available to the Gunfighter Community.

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