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  • Gunfighters enhance installation security

    The 366th Fighter Wing is constantly evolving installation security measures to stay on guard and prevent incidents from occurring. “The reason why we change things up is so any potential adversary doesn’t adapt to us,” said Tech. Sgt. Charles Puckett, 366th Security Forces Squadron NCOIC of operations. “If we change up our routine, it makes it harder for somebody to determine what we do. It would be more difficult for someone to counteract our measures.”
  • 391st FS participates in Combat Archer, Hammer

    The 391st Fighter Squadron departed for Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, to participate in Combat Archer and Hammer March 25, 2018. These exercises provide aircrew and maintainers from the 366th Fighter Wing an opportunity to evaluate their ability to employ a variety weapons systems throughout all stages of the process.
  • Delpoyed Gunfighter keeps BAF connected

    A vast, global communications network is one of the many things that makes the U.S. Air Force the most powerful on the planet.Whether it's repairing a network hub or installing fiber-optic cables or making sure the underlying infrastructure of Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan network is operating properly, it is the expertise of Staff Sgt. Brandon
  • 366th Fighter Wing receives new weapon for F-15E

    The 366th Fighter Wing’s F-15E Strike Eagles are receiving a weapon upgrade to enhance mission capabilities. The AIM-9X side-winder is a short-range, air-to-air missile that will increase fighter pilot’s abilities to track their enemies.
  • MHAFB reschedules scoping meetings

    The U.S. Air Force has rescheduled scoping meetings throughout communities surrounding Mountain Home Air Force Base beginning Apr. 12.
  • Mountain Home Air Force Base gathers information for proposed urban close air support training spaces for environmental assessment

    The 366th Civil Engineer Squadron at Mountain Home Air Force Base is in the process of gathering information to conduct an environmental assessment for air and ground training spaces in urban areas located throughout Idaho.
  • Marines battle the elements with SERE

    Imagine the most miserable, cold weather conditions Mother Nature could throw at you. Low temperatures, rain, sleet, hail, snow and a wind chill that leaves the temperature sitting right around zero degrees Fahrenheit. Those conditions created a beautifully miserable atmosphere for Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape winter survival training course on Snowbank Mountain.
  • Gunfighters rev up for summer safety

    The summer months are coming and many motorcyclists from the 366th Fighter Wing are ready to take on the heat. But before riding off into the sunset, every rider should go through their motorcycle safety representative to make sure they are ready to fire up their bikes during the summer.
  • Watkins’ Journey

    As a child, Staff Sgt. Steven Watkins remembers tagging along with his dad to St. Louis to fulfill his Air National Guard duty requirements. Growing up, his grandfather raised hunting dogs, which peaked his interest and love for dogs.
  • DFAC implements ‘green’ container program

    The Wagon Wheel Dinning Facility will be the first location in the Air Force testing reusable to-go containers with an objective of saving money and helping the environment.

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