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  • SERE: learning to survive at sea

    To develop these skills necessary to stay alive, aircrew from the 389th and 391st Fighter Squadrons attended water survival training taught by SERE specialists Staff Sgt. David Chorpenning and Tech. Sgt. Timothy Emkey.
  • PA for a day: covering Col. Palmer’s fini-flight

    The mission I participated in with PA is something that will be carried with a member of the Air Force for the rest of his life. It was a special day for the Gunfighters - Col. Thomas Palmer, 366th Fighter Wing chief of staff, flew his final flight with the F-15E Strike Eagle and retired from the U.S. Air Force in high honors while family and friends celebrated the conclusion of his service.
  • Gunfighter reflects on Women’s Equality Day

    Many people know March as Women’s History Month. Far fewer people know every August 26th is Women’s Equality Day. On this day in 1920, the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was put into effect by U.S. Secretary Bainbridge Colby. The 19th Amendment gave all women citizens the right to vote in all American elections.
  • Vacation Bible School: growing faith and community

    Few things are more pure than a child’s smile, more infectious than an uncontrollable laugh, or more important than a good friend. Each summer these smiles, laughter and friends can be found at Vacation Bible School (VBS). The Liberty Chapel hosted VBS this week, Aug. 5-9, 2019, for over 110 youth.
  • 366th FW SARC launches CATCH program

    The Gunfighter Sexual Assault Response team implemented a Department of Defense-wide sexual assault reporting system August 5th, 2019. The Catch a Serial Offender (CATCH) program gives victims of sexual assault who are making a restricted report an opportunity to anonymously enter suspect information into its database.
  • Agile, Mobile: MHAFB adaptive basing training

    MHAFB conducted an adaptive basing exercise July 17th, 2019, in order to Spark innovation by finding new and versatile methods for air operations. The Gunfighter team practiced adaptive basing strategies by constructing a training exercise and utilizing a simulated air strip to optimize their training.
  • 726th ACS Airman lives up to Hardrock title: exemplifies excellence

    Jones is a radio frequency (RF) transmission systems technician who maintains, troubleshoots and repairs deployable communication equipment. It’s his job to make sure communications are working for radio operators and combat communications Airmen.
  • 726th ACS prime communication capabilities

    The 726th Air Control Squadron employed mobilization training by setting up communication equipment at the Mobile Operating Air Base (MOAB) for the 726th ACS Hardrock Exercise 19-2 July, 2019. To ensure communication capabilities, the 726th ACS focused on quickly and efficiently establishing Radio Detection and Ranging (RADAR) systems, satellite relays and short range communication equipment.
  • 726th ACS exercise enhances readiness, rapid global mobility, builds leaders

    On the outskirts of base, a dirt road strays away from the comforts of civilization and deeper into the high desert. Luckily, the Air Force doesn’t need comfort or civilization to operate. The 726th Air Control Squadron refined their adaptive basing capabilities during Hardrock Exercise 19-2, July 9-19, 2019, at the Mobile Operating Air Base (MOAB) within Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho.
  • The 726th ACS ensures mission readiness

    The 726th Air Control Squadron focuses on accuracy and accountability during the preparation for their deployment exercise. As the Airmen in the 726th ACS prepare vehicles for an exercise, their training serves to decrease mission obstacles and increase mobile efficiency down range.

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