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  • Prime Beef Day Training

    A group of U.S. Air Force Airmen participate in the Base Emergency Engineer Force training, Jan. 23, 2020, on Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. This training was conducted to equip Airmen with skills from other career fields to enhance their readiness and multi-functionality. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Akeem K. Campbell)
  • Dynamic Force: 366th CES defines readiness

    To be a truly dynamic force is to master versatility, flexibility and teamwork. The 366th Civil Engineer Squadron led the way in developing multi-capable Airmen by conducting their Base Emergency Engineer Force (BEEF) training, Jan. 23, 2020. This month’s training is unique because it serves to equip Airmen with skills from other career fields for the purpose of increasing their capability and preparedness for rapid deployment.
  • An American Airman: MHAFB honors late Gunfighter

    The men and women of Mountain Home Air Force Base bid a final farewell to a fellow Gunfighter at a memorial ceremony to honor his memory, Jan. 16, 2020. On Dec. 20, 2019, The 391st Fighter Squadron’s roll call was absent one voice. Capt. Ryan S. Gipson, call sign “Rooster”, was the 391st FS’s wing munitions manager. He passed away after battling medical complications. While his passing was felt in the hearts of all who knew him, his memory was immortalized in a moving memorial ceremony.
  • Unity: MHAFB religious affairs champions faith education

    Unit cohesion is a key element directly tied to mission success and Airman morale. It's brought about by the building of effective relationships and the practice of understanding differences. This ideal was championed by the MHAFB religious affairs when they constructed an interfaith council, Jan. 17, 2020. The vision for the program was born of the desire to educate. In the interfaith council program, people with different belief systems come together monthly to learn about each others’ faiths. The goal is not to convert, but to expand horizons and shed light on other belief systems.
  • Mountain Home AFB Library: Taking care of Airmen and Families

    The base library holds nearly 40,000 items that can provide numerous benefits for Airmen and their families, ranging from education, creativity, entertainment and more.
  • 366th Security Forces Squadron Supports New Parents

    The Air Force dubbed 2019 as “Year of the Defender” for security forces members. The 366th Security Forces Squadron was so excited about this announcement, they decided to grow their numbers - and not in the traditional sense. Twenty-one babies were born this year within the squadron, giving birth to the new title: “Year of the Baby Defender.”
  • Two OAY medics share how they support USAF

    Two medical Airmen selected as the Air Force’s 2019 Outstanding Airmen of the Year award share their experiences, and how they support the Air Force both at home and abroad.
  • Chiefs' group at MHAFB start Airmen Outreach Initiative

    Joining the military comes with quite a few challenges. You are in a new environment, meeting new people and trying to learn a new job. There are times when your family isn’t a phone call away. Despite all of the new obstacles, Airmen don’t have to do it alone. Chiefs here have made taking care of their Airmen a top priority by starting the Airmen Outreach Initiative.
  • Enlisted Airman Competes for Team USA in 2019 CISM Military World Games

    Airman 1st Class Michael Yoo, 366th Maintenance Squadron avionics backshop technician from Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, recently returned from his first swim competition on a world stage. He was the youngest and only enlisted member from a team of 14 service members from all branches of the Department of Defense on the U.S. swim team to compete at the 2019 CISM Military World Games.
  • Cyber Security: How to avoid OPSEC violations

    Due to the recent increase in electronics being plugged into the non-secure internet protocol router (NIPR) enabled computers we just wanted to remind everyone of a few things to look out for.

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