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  • PMEL ensures F-15E Strike Eagles fly

    Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory; they work behind the scene making sure equipment used in day-to-day jobs work properly. Anything that makes a quantitative measurement must be tested and calibrated at certain intervals; this ranges from torque wrenches to scales used for Airmen's fitness assessments.
  • 366th FSS earns 2017 best customer service in ACC

    The 366th Force Support Squadron won twelve 12th Air Force [Air Forces Southern] and seven Air Combat Command 2017 annual awards. These are totals the squadron has never seen before, setting a respectable record and standard for the future.
  • Air Force expands virtual appointments

    The Air Force Medical Service is eliminating some of the hassle of medical appointments by expanding use of virtual, over-the-phone appointments for patients who do not need to see their provider in person.
  • Sowing partnership: 366th CES hands over seed drills to USFWS

    The 366th Civil Engineer Squadron Natural Resource Management Program recently gave the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service two large seed drills, bolstering the agency’s efforts in the protection and restoration of local wildlife and natural habitats.
  • Deployed Gunfighter ensures Kandahar Airfield is mission ready

    The base command post is the central command and control point for mission operations at every U.S. Air Force base.At Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, it is the job of Tech. Sgt. Steven Thompson, 451st Expeditionary Operation Support Squadron command and control operations NCOIC, to ensure operations and communications run efficiently and
  • Nutritionists lead Gunfighters to healthy lifestyles

    Eating a balanced diet is not only vital for good health and wellbeing but it can also lead to higher physical training test scores. Food provides our bodies with the energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly.
  • Deployed MHAFB Airman supports FSS mission at Bagram Airfield

    As a service member serving in the Armed Forces, though deployments are in the job description, they still can  cause a lot of stress in life.Being deployed to Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan is no different and the facilities provided on base are here to help ease the some of the pressures of a combat environment.Here at BAF, making sure that each
  • Airmen experience deployment to Kenya

    Members of the 366th Security Forces Squadron recount their recent deployment to Kenya in support of safeguarding the establishment of a U.S. Air Force Base Defense Operations Center.
  • 366th CES constructs temporary maintenance facility

    A team of 366th Civil Engineer Squadron Airmen recently came together to erect a temporary maintenance facility, ensuring the aircrew ground equipment mission can continue without delay.
  • F-15E Night Operations

    F-15E Strike Eagles from the 389th and 391st Fighter Squadrons execute night operations in support of exercise Gunslinger 18-4. The exercise tested personnel and units in their ability to support a contingency response to an adversarial threat here on base or in an expeditionary capacity across the globe.

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