About Mountain Home AFB

Mountain Home is the county seat of Elmore County, in Southern Idaho. The population in the 2010 census was 14,206.

Originally founded as a post office at Rattlesnake Station, a stagecoach stop on the Overland Stage Line, about seven miles east of the city. With the addition of the Oregon Short Line railroad in 1883, the post office was moved downhill and west to the city's present site.

Mountain Home Air Force Base, an Air Combat Command installation, is located 12 miles southwest of the city. Opened in 1943 during World War II, MHAFB was originally a bomber training base and later an operational SAC bomber and missile base (1953-65). It switched to TAC and fighters in January 1966; TAC was succeeded by ACC in 1992.

Lodging Arrangements

The Sagebrush Inn on MHAFB features 35 temporary lodging facility units of which seven are pet friendly, six distinguished visitor quarters and 111 regular rooms with private bathrooms. 

A customer is generally considered to be Priority 1 when on orders and Priority 2 for all others. The reservations line is open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week; reservations are taken/made on a first-come, first-served basis without regard to grade. Space-available reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance for up to three days. The front desk is open 24 hours daily. Call (208) 828-5200 for more information.

If you are PCSing to or from MHAFB you may coordinate a room in the TLF through the Sagebrush Inn; accommodations are both pet and child friendly. The TLF facilities are a new addition to the base and feature a playground as well as other basic amenities. 

Distinguished visitors to base holding the rank of 0-6 or above should contact the protocol office at (208) 828-4536 to reserve lodging.

The local Area

Mountain Home is well informed on the base and its mission and is very supportive of the military community.

The 366th Fighter Wing's Fiscal Year 2012 direct financial impact on the local area is approximately $516.8 million. 

Signing a Lease?

Are you considering signing a lease? If you have questions about your rights under the Service Member's Civil Relief Act including early termination due to PCS or deployments, please contact the 366th Fighter Wing Legal Office at 208-828-2238 or visit them at their office in Building 512.

Contacting your Sponsor

Upon receiving notification of your pending assignment here, you should have been assigned a sponsor from your receiving unit. If you don't have a sponsor and need one, call the Airman and Family Readiness Center at (208) 828-2458. 

Your sponsor should help you get acquainted with the base as well as help you with any housing needs you may have, whether you are a family needing a home or a single Airman who will be residing in the dormitories.

How to get to MHAFB

From Boise International Airport (BOI)
The closest airport to Mountain Home Air Force Base is Boise International Airport which is located approximately 50 miles from the base. There are limited shuttle services from the airport to MHAFB. Contact the Mountain Home Shuttle Service at 580-1887 for transportation.

By Vehicle
1. I-84 West From Twin Falls - Take Exit 95 toward Mountain Home/Fairfield onto American Legion. Continue down American Legion (about 2 miles) to a one-way left turn onto Main Street. Continue on Main Street, which turns into ID-67 for approximately 10 miles to the front gate of MHAFB. 

2. I-84 East From Boise - Take Exit 90 toward Mountain Home/Bruneau onto ID-51. Continue on ID-51 for about 7 miles through the town of Mountain Home. ID-51 will turn into ID-67; continue for approximately 10 miles to the front gate of MHAFB. 

Pet Arrangements

Are pets allowed on base? Yes, as long as these rules are obeyed:

1. Pets must be confined at their residence by having them chained, fenced, penned and exercised under the immediate owner's control (leashed). Owners may exercise their animals off leash in open areas (parks, desert, etc.) if the pet is under positive voice control of a responsible individual.
2. Pets are to be adequately housed, fed and watered. Cleaning up after pets is a daily task.
3. Pets must be registered with the base veterinarian office.
4. Family households on-base are limited to two pets (cats and/or dogs). Approval for more than two pets must be obtained in writing through the housing office from the 366th Mission Support Group commander. Wild or exotic animals, such as snakes, ferrets, etc., are not allowed in base housing.

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