Roads & Weather

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Notifications regarding the base, such as road conditions and delayed reporting, are relayed through the AF Connect App.

The app can be downloaded for free through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Here is a tutorial on how to set the 366th Fighter Wing as your primary page.


Gate Information

Main Gate: Open 24 hours/7 days a week

Grand View Gate: Open 6 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Mon. to Fri.
Only available for commercial vehicles 


For current reports on the road condition between Mountain Home and Boise reference the Idaho Department of Transportation Website

Reporting Categories

Category One - Storm essential: functions and personnel that directly support security and safety include, but are not limited to, the snow and ice removal team, utility services, first responders and emergency medical care, weather reporting team, and dining facility and lodging personnel.

Category Two - Mission essential: includes all personnel required for the flying mission of the 366 FW for the day.  These personnel include, but are not limited to, Fighter Squadrons, Airfield and Air Traffic operations, Maintenance Backshops, Munitions/Weapons, MOC, CDC and Youth Center facilities to support these personnel. 

Category Three - General support: personnel that enable the long-term accomplishment of the 366 FW mission, such as non-emergency medical services, non-critical aircraft/airfield systems, and all other programs in the 366 FW. 


For the updated 7-day Mountain Home Forecast, click here.


For school and bus schedules, please refer to the Mountain Home School District or School Liaison Officer 

Road Conditions Explained

Travel and Road Conditions - Mountain Home Air Force Base examines the road conditions for I-84 and the surrounding area for travel to and from base. The 366th Fighter Wing commander determines if weather conditions are severe and warrant a delay or restricted reporting for duty.

If delayed or restricted reporting is implemented, instructions are relayed to the command post and public affairs for dissemination via telephone notification, the MHAFB Information Hotline, and MHAFB Facebook. 

Green - Normal day-to-day travel conditions.

Yellow - Degraded environment when cautious conditions exist. Drive according to weather and road conditions.

Red - Degraded environment when hazardous conditions exist. "No travel advised" 

Black - Degraded environment when no travel or working conditions exist. "Road closed"