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Posted 1/21/2009 Printable Fact Sheet
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 366th Medical Group

Convalescent Leave
Prior to the date of the surgery or procedure, the member is responsible for initiating an AF Form 988, Leave Request/Authorization. The member must have an approved leave authorization before convalescent leave starts. Start routing the AF Form 988 early enough to ensure it is completed before the convalescent leave start date. 

2. The member will take the AF Form 988 to his/her primary care manager, or PCM, or other military healthcare provider (i.e., 366th Medical Group surgeon, dentist, obstetrician, etc.) to complete block 7 of the AF Form 988. A maximum of 30 days of convalescent leave (42 days for childbirth ) can be recommended at a time.
     a. If the surgery or procedure will be accomplished by an off-base medical provider, the member is responsible for obtaining a written recommendation for time off from duty from that provider and giving that recommendation to his/her PCM or other military provider. The military provider may concur with the off-base provider's recommendation or submit a different recommendation. 

3. The member will deliver the AF Form 988 with the military healthcare provider's recommendation in block 7 to his/her unit commander. 

4. The member can start convalescent leave after the AF Form 988 is signed by his/her commander and the leave is authorized. 

5. Any patient requiring convalescent leave beyond 30 days must be reevaluated by his/her military provider prior to the convalescent leave expiring. The military provider can recommend up to an additional 30 days at a time, if needed. 

6. Termination of convalescent leave: a member can voluntarily terminate convalescent leave early with the approval of the military healthcare provider. The unit commander may terminate convalescent leave status if there is an adverse impact on the readiness or operational mission of the unit. 

7. Note: ordinary leave must be used for medical care paid for at your own expense when a military provider previously determined the care was not needed (i.e., cosmetic surgery).

Duty Limiting Conditions (DLC, old Profile)
See the orderly room for a copy.

A full duty excuse provided to active duty uniformed servicemembers receiving medical or dental treatment for a disease or injury that, based on sound professional judgment, does not require inpatient care. A quarter's patient is treated on an outpatient basis, is to remain in their domicile during the quarter's timeframe, and is generally returned to duty within a 72-hour period. AFI 41-210 Chapter 3, Item 3.6.4. Unit commanders and supervisors have the authority to grant up to 24 hours sick status at their discretion if a member's illness/injury does not require MTF intervention. If the illness/injury persists beyond 24 hours, then the commander or supervisor must refer the member to the MTF for treatment and subsequent quarters authorization.

Medical Evaluation Board
Call Patient Administration

Overseas Clearance
See Outbound Assignments

The health and wellbeing of Airmen is the cornerstone of war-fighting capabilities. For this reason, their health is aggressively monitored and managed before, during and after deployments. In December 2005, in addition to other tools already in place, the Air Force implemented the Post-Deployment Health Reassessment, or PDHRA, program (DD Form 2900) and appropriate clinical assessments to ensure that forces are "fit to fight." The PDHRA program is a Department of Defense requirement that allows for the early identification and management of symptoms that may appear in the months following a deployment. 

The Air Force has automated the PDHRA process to ensure that important member information reaches the healthcare team in a timely and efficient manner. This process results in the reduction of unnecessary appointments and the optimization of the Military Treatment Facility's efforts. Active duty Air Force members returning from deployment after March 1, 2004, that required a DD Form 2796 (Post-Deployment Health Assessment, or PDHA) will be instructed by their unit deployment manager to complete the web-based DD Form 2900 between 90 and 180 days after returning from their deployment. In addition, any servicemember deployed after Sept. 11, 2001, may also complete the PDHRA in absence of notification by their UDM. Members in the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) are an exception. These members must make an appointment to complete the PDHRA in-person at their MTF.

The Air Force Web Health Assessment (HA) is a set of questions that help the PCM address individual needs. The AF WEB HA is part of your medical record and is a legal document. Please answer all questions honestly and thoroughly.
Do not complete the AF WEB HA if:
- You possess a current AF Form 1042 (Medical Recommendation for Flying or Special Operational Duty)
- Have completed the AF WEB HA within the last six months - unless you are due to deploy or go on an extended TDY. 

Contact your unit deployment manager to resolve the discrepancy. 

Click here to access the AF WEB HA and follow the directions on the screen.
(Note: The AF WEB HA web site can be reached at any time from any computer connected to the internet.) 

The questionnaire may be stopped and started as many times as need.When you log back in you will start where you left off without repeating any questions. When you are finished you will see a counseling letter. You do not need to bring a copy to the clinic. The clinic will generate one for your PCM to review. Keep in mind the PHA clinic is only open during normal duty hours and your responses may not be reviewed immediately. 

If you have problems with the Web site, call the Air Force Population Health Support Division Help Desk between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday. Toll free: 1-800-298-0230, Commercial: (210) 536-8190 or DSN: 240-8190.

After the AF WEB HA
After completing the AF WEB HA you may receive a call, letter or e-mail from the PHA clinic with additional instructions for completing your PHA. The PHA clinic needs to do a number of things before contacting you, so it may take a few days or weeks. This is normal. 

When your AF WEB HA is complete, go ahead and schedule an appointment with your PCM if you feel you need one. And remember, you may book your appointment online at If possible, set a date three weeks away to give our medical support people time to review your records and have you receive any additional tests done in time to have results available for your PCM. See the next section for more information. The AF WEB HA is key to streamlining the PHA process and is used by the Air Force to better describe your current health conditions and behaviors and to help you and your health care team see what you and they can do to decrease your health risks.

Face-to-Face PCM visit
Should you need an appointment with your PCM, visit the TRICARE On Line Web site at or call Tricare at 828-7900. 

You may need to register if this is your first time visiting this Web site.
Prior to your PCM visit the PHA clinic will review your AF WEB HA results as well as your medical records to see if labs, tests, other studies or appointments are needed. If notified, please try to have all such tests and visits done at least seven to 10 days before the visit so the PCM can discuss the results with you. 

Contact Retirement/Separation Section at Military Personal Flight and Patient Administrations at the 366th MDG to make an appointment for a physical.

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