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A 389th Aircraft Maintenance Unit load crew is briefed before a load competition begins Oct. 14, 2016, at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. The event has been a quarterly affair on base since 1964. Squadrons go head-to-head in 366th MXG weapons load competition
Three airmen scramble to their places with lightning speed and proficiency while classic rock pulsates in the background, setting a scene reminiscent of something you'd see in Top Gun. Each of them has a specific role to play, without all of them at their absolute best the team fails. They're not the only ones racing to a quick finish. The 366th Fighter Wing weapons load competition is a morale/training event that took place Oct. 14, 2016 which provides recognition for a job that doesn't often get the spotlight. Three teams of three compete against each other to see who can load training munitions on each of their jets the fastest.
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