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Cooking Risk: Unattended cooking is the leading cause of fires
Cooking Rips to Prevent: Panhandles turned inward prevent spill injuries. Pan fires should be smothered with the cover from the side, DO NOT use water, baking soda or salt to extinguish.  Close oven doors to smother fires inside, likewise with microwaves. 

Fryers Risk: Thanksgiving had the highest amount of residential fire damage and deaths in a single day. 

Fryer Tips to Prevent: Turkey fryer outside only and 10 feet from buildings or combustibles. Thaw and dry turkey before frying. ABC fire extinguishers should be ready to use. 

Trees Risk: Dried out Christmas trees increase fire risk. 

Tree Tips to Prevent: Bend the needles to check - they should not break. Keep tree trunk in water and check water level daily. Keep trees away from heat sources. 

Lights Risk: Damaged and misplacement of lights yield electrical fire risk. 

Light Tips to prevent: UL approved lights only. Check cords and lights for damage and replace or don't use. No more than 3 strands should be connected. Outdoor-rated lights outside only. Proper sized extension cords reduce electric risk. Don't run cords under carpets or through doorways. 

Candle Risk: December and Christmas day are the peak for candle fires. 

Candle Tips to prevent: Keep candles out of reach from children, pets, combustibles and trees. Extinguish all candles after use, avoid lighted candles if possible. Never leave burning candles unattended Holiday Food Safety
Although the holidays are filled with joy, they could also turn sour if your food isn’t properly cooked or handled the correct way.
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