ATV training introduces leaders to unique security tools

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- Senior leadership here participated in an all terrain vehicle safety training course Oct. 14, 2011. The ATV safety course was taught by members of the 366th Security Forces Squadron who use the vehicles to reach isolated areas of base.

"The course allows wing leadership the opportunity to safely perform the tasks which Airmen go through to become certified and effective riders," said Capt. Matthew Brill, 366th SFS operations officer. "It's important for our base leadership to see the intensity of the training so they can have complete confidence in the abilities of their Airmen."

Brill continued by stating that even with a four-wheel drive truck, some parts of the base are difficult to reach and when there are emergencies it becomes necessary to have access to every part of the installation.

During the August wildfires here, 366th SFS personnel used ATV's to access remote parts of the installation which suffered damaged.

"Gunfighter security is our number one priority as base leaders," said Col. Bruce Smith, 366th Fighter Wing vice commander. "These vehicles give us an additional option to execute our mission to keep the people, facilities and resources here at MHAFB safe."

Along with base security, proper ATV safety training and procedures were stressed during the course in order to avoid accidents which could potentially cause harm.

"I was very satisfied with the thorough safety brief we were provided with prior to using the ATV's," said Col. Timothy Cook, 366th Medical Group commander. "I have a greater appreciation for the multiple skills our SFS personnel possess and the difficulty of the job they perform."

The commanders all agreed enhanced knowledge of this type of specialized training was necessary because they are ultimately responsible for the base and its personnel.

"The training gave me a greater perspective on what goes on during SFS training operations," said Smith. "It also instills confidence in my understanding of how important these ATVs are for MHAFB and how they directly support our mission."