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I signed up for what?

Strike Dam, Idaho -- I slowly step in to the frigid water as the Idaho winds cause goosebumps on my skin. After a month of training for my first triathlon, I stand there on race day nervous and unsure if my training prepared me for this. The starting pistol goes off and I have no choice but to push forward and take on the challenge.

I've never been the "skinny girl" or a fast runner, but after having my daughter, I knew it was time for me to become a positive role model and show her that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I started working out and living a healthier lifestyle three months ago and have since lost 18 pounds. As I started pulling clothes out of my "skinny " bin I kept getting more and more motivated to continue my journey.

I was working out at the base gym and saw the poster for the 4th Annual iTri, and after talking to coworkers and friends, I decided I was ready for the challenge. I was all smiles signing-up until they handed me a waiver to sign ... injury, death and emergency contact. I somberly drove home unsure of what I just signed up to do, was this really a good idea? Thank goodness for Google, it helped me calm my nerves.

The month prior flew by as I trained six days a week swimming, running and biking. There were days I loved it and days I hated it, but as the weeks grew to single digits I felt prepared and excited. The day arrived and I was a bundle of nerves as I placed my bike on the rack and started setting up my equipment. As I looked around I felt out of place until a competitor next to me said, "don't worry it's my first too."

As we dived in to the water, I lost my breath; it was so cold it shocked my body. A few strokes in and my adrenaline took over and before I knew it the 300 meters was over and I was on my bike enjoying the beautiful scenery of Idaho. There were moments I just wanted to turn around and be done, but as other competitors passed me they cheered me on and kept me going.

12.4 miles later and with sore buttocks, I hopped off the bike to finish the last leg of the race, the 3.1 mile run. It may have been at a snail's pace, but soon I climbed up the final hill to see the finish line. As I crossed the line I saw my husband, daughter and friends who came to support me and the amount of pride and accomplishment I felt was overwhelming.

While the day now feels like a blur and I've used enough muscle cream to buy stock, I am still amazed at my accomplishment and can't believe I did it. Even though this challenge may be done, I look forward to more events that the base fitness center has to offer.