726th Air Control Squadron Celebrates New Renovations


The 726th Air Control Squadron held its official ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate their newly renovated compound on base August 18, 2016.

After seven months of renovations, the 726th ACS are now able to control air operations from a secure central facility.

The new compound offers advanced training equipment systems that will enhance combat readiness for years to come.

"The new systems significantly decreased the time spent on training by using similar equipment across the combat Air Force," said Senior Master Sgt. John Jones, 726th ACS operations superintendent.

The new equipment is similar to what the 726th uses while deployed and will help them to train the way they fight.

"Our previous equipment was created in the early 1980's and it's not what we deploy with downrange." Jones said.

The 726th ACS's new compound will help them support not only the Gunfighters, but their host unit, the 552nd Air Control Wing at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma as well.

"This building is going to make them that much better," said Col. David Gaedecke, commander of the 552nd ACW. "They now have a facility to protect the equipment, the people and to allow them to train for a combat mission that calls them to do so."