Starting August your ID may be invalid

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- Beginning Aug. 15, individuals will no longer be able to access Air Force installations with a state-issued identification card or driver’s license from Minnesota, Missouri, Washington or American Samoa.

Enhanced driver's licenses, marked with "enhanced driver license" and a small U.S. Flag logo, from Minnesota and Washington still meet Department of Homeland Security standards and will be accepted at the Visitor Control Center. Minnesota, Missouri, Washington and American Samoa driver’s licenses can also be used to reflect authority to operate a motor vehicle on Mountain Home AFB.

This new change aligns the Air Force’s installation access policy with requirements of the REAL ID Act, which focuses on improving the reliability of state-issued identification documents, and helps prevent a person’s ability to evade detection by using a fraudulent form of ID.

While ID’s that do not meet security and data-collection guidelines will not be accepted, alternate forms of identification will be allowed. Some of the more common alternatives include a valid U.S. or foreign government issued passport, an employment authorization document that contains a photograph, or identification cards issued by federal state or local government agencies that include a photo and biographic information.

According to Air Force officials, all individuals attempting to gain access to an Air Force installation without a Department of Defense identification card will be subject to a routine background check.

Those who do not have the accepted documentation for installation access, will not be permitted to enter the base.

“Installation commanders may still deny access and issuance of access credentials if their background check determines the individual represents a threat or negatively impacts the safety or security of an installation’s personnel or resources.” said Lt. Col. Tony Castillo, Branch Chief Police Services.

For a full list of REAL ID Act and compliant and non-complaint states, please visit

Editor's Note: The original version of this article referred to the possibility of gaining access to the base without proper credentials by using an approved escort. However, current base policies do now allow this so it was removed from article to avoid confusion.