May Discipline and Administrative Actions

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- The following captures disciplinary and administrative actions across the 366th Fighter Wing for May 2016:


- A senior airman was found guilty at a special court-martial of drunk driving in violation of Article 111, Uniform Code of Military Justice. The member was sentenced to 8 days jail, 30 days hard labor without confinement, forfeiture of $1,100.00 pay per month for 2 months and a reprimand.

Article 15s:

- A senior airman received an Article 15 for violating a no contact order. The member was punished with a suspended reduction in rank to E-3, 15 days of extra duty and a reprimand.

- An airman first class received an Article 15 for stealing sunglasses and video games worth $279.90 from the base exchange. The member was punished with a suspended reduction in rank to E-2, suspended forfeiture of $250 pay per month for two months and a reprimand. Separate from the Article 15 punishment, the member was also required to pay a $250 Army and Air Force Exchange Service civil recovery fee and lost his AAFES privileges for one year.

Administrative Discharges:

- An airman first class was discharged for failure to meet minimum fitness standards after failing four tests in a 24-month period. The member received an honorable discharge.

- A senior airman was discharged for failure in Alcohol Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment due to refusal to participate in the program. The member received an under honorable conditions (general) discharge, resulting in loss of G.I. Bill benefits.

Administrative Demotions:

- A senior airman was demoted to airman first class for DUI. Member was arrested off-base and charged with DUI after failing field sobriety tests and having a blood alcohol level of 0.15. The member received a suspended DUI conviction in civilian court along with 5 days confinement, one-year probation and $500 bond. The member also lost on-base driving privileges for two years.