Gunfighters gallop to resiliency

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- Airmen and family members from Mountain Home Air Force Base took a trip through Silver City, Idaho, June 18. The Outdoor Recreation Center and Liberty Chapel teamed up to provide Airmen with the opportunity to strengthen morale and spiritual resiliency.

During the all-day event, half of the group rode trails through the historic mining town while others hiked into its silver-rich mountains.

Capt. Alan Findley, 366th Fighter Wing chaplain, took a few moments to describe the importance of escaping the stressful life that comes with the title of Airman.

"I thought it was very profitable to get away from the base and the day-to-day headaches," said Findley. "Being able to spend time with each other and do something different before we get into a busy season on base is very important."

Silver City was once a bustling landscape strewn with silver and quartz veins. Drained of its resources during the early 20th century, it's now a serene environment where anyone can enjoy Idaho's outdoors. The location is considered by some to be an excellent spot to unwind and enjoy horseback-riding.

"We've had some wonderful times with some wonderful folks, and doggone it, most everybody that I've taken on a ride has just been tickled to death by it," said Paul Nettleton, Silver City ranch owner. "It's a great time for all kinds of families!"

There are many ways to exercise spiritual resiliency by taking time to enjoy family and friends in Idaho's tranquil outdoors.

For More information, Please visit the Outdoor Recreation and Resiliency Training websites.