RSAF Chief of the Air Force Visits Mountain Home

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE- Idaho -- The Republic of Singapore Chief of the Air Force Maj. Gen. Hoo Cher Mou visited Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, Oct. 14, to experience the positive working relationship between the 428th Fighter Squadron and the rest of the Gunfighters. 

The Republic of Singapore and U.S. air forces have a partnership known as Peace Carvin V which allows both countries to train realistically as partner nations. 

"The purpose of the Peace Carvin V program is to build and sustain an enduring security cooperation partnership between the United States and Singapore," said Lt. Col. Dominic Chiapusio, 428th Fighter Squadron commander.

By giving the Republic of Singapore Air Force an opportunity to train in Mountain Home, the RSAF airmen are able to take advantage of approximately 7,500 square miles of range space with the capabilities of simulating opposing forces.

"The opportunities available in the U.S. for the Singapore Armed Forces are invaluable for the latter's operations capability development and training," said RSAF Lt. Col. Tham Yeow Min, senior RSAF officer with the 428th FS. "More importantly, it also facilitates the enhancement of inter-operability between the two nations. "

The partnership between the U.S. and Singapore is critical, explained Chiapusio , it enables strategic benefits in the Pacific region for both nations.

Working together not only strengthens the capabilities of the U.S. and Singapore air forces, but also allows both nations to better understand cultural differences.

"The positive relationship spans from the highest leadership to the most junior levels, allowing a wide spectrum of cooperation and collaboration, as well as personal relationships to grow," Tham explained, "Elevation of mutual understanding, from the operations to the cultural realms, is key to the strengthening of the U.S.-Singapore relations and cooperation."