November Discipline and Administrative Actions

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- November Discipline and Administrative Actions

The following captures disciplinary and administrative actions across the 366th Fighter Wing for November 2015:


- An airman 1st class was tried at Special Court-Martial for DUI and operating a motor vehicle while in possession of an open alcoholic beverage (open container).  The member was acquitted of DUI and was convicted of open container.  He was sentenced to reduction to airman and a restriction to Mountain Home AFB for two months.

Article 15s:

- A staff sgt. received an Article 15 for dereliction of duty for failing to report a subordinate's drug use and encouraging the subordinate to avoid a random urinalysis.  Member was punished with reduction to senior airman and a suspended forfeiture of $1,225 pay per month for two months.

- A tech. sgt. was charged with abusive sexual contact of subordinates.  After consultation with the victims, member was granted removal from the Air Force in lieu of court-martial and received an Article 15.  Member was punished with a reduction to staff sgt. and forfeiture of $1,562 pay per month for two months. 

Administrative Discharges:

- A senior airman was discharged for a Pattern of Misconduct (two DUI arrests within an eight-month period).  In the first DUI incident, the member was sitting in the driver's seat of his vehicle with the engine running and a blood alcohol content of .18, well beyond the .08 legal limit. In the second incident, the member was arrested for "DUI refusal" after failing field sobriety tests and refusing a breath test.  The member received a General Discharge characterization, resulting in loss of all GI Bill benefits.  The member is currently facing charges in a civilian court system.

- An airman 1st class was discharged for failing to meet minimum fitness standards.  The member received an Honorable Discharge characterization.