Military Saves Week kicks off Feb. 22

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- Does saving money, building wealth and having a well-planned future sound like something you desire? If so, Military Saves Week might be for you.

Military Saves Week is coming to Mountain Home Air Force Base, Feb. 22-26.

"This program offers unique educational opportunities that are not provided any other time of the year," said Lt. Col. Brain Vance, 366th Comptroller Squadron commander. "These opportunities focus on ways people can save and help their money grow."

The purpose is to provide in-depth financial education to military members, civilians and family members on base.

"The goal is [cutting] spending, saving money, reducing debt and building wealth," said Beth Haines, Airman and Family Readiness Center financial counselor.

These one-hour classes offer airmen chances to talk to representatives from financial institutions.

"The USAA Educational Foundation from San Antonio, the Better Business Burrow, the Thrift Investment [Corporation] and Pioneer Federal Credit Union will be here to help Gunfighters during Military Saves week," Haines said.

This year marks the first time USAA and the Thrift Investment Corporation will participate in Military Saves Week at Mountain Home Air Force Base.

Whether it's setting up a meeting or joining a class, the opportunities for financial education are endless.

"Airman and Family Readiness has done a great job of coordinating to offer classes early in the morning, lunch time and late in the evening," Vance said.

Members of the Airman and Family Readiness Center will even set up additional classes with squadrons if members can't attend classes during times offered due to work schedules.

In addition to attending financial education classes, personnel are also encouraged to increase personal financial responsibility by participating in the Military Saves pledge.

"I am personally taking the savings pledge and I encourage others to do the same," Vance said.

To take the savings pledge or to sign up for a class, go to

For a complete list of classes offered during Military Saves Week, view the attached picture.

For more information, call Airman and Family Readiness Center at 208-828-2458.