Singaporeans welcome new senior-ranking officer


The Peace Carvin V detachment gathered to welcome the new Republic of Singapore Air Force senior-ranking officer during a change of assignment ceremony here, Jan. 17.

RSAF Lt. Col. Oon Kok Choon, the head of Flying Training Branch - Air Training Department assumed the position from Senior Lt. Col. Tham Yeow Min.

Tham served as the Senior RSAF Officer and Peace Carvin V Detachment Commander since June 2013.

During his tenure as SRO/PC V Detachment Commander, Tham participated in exercises including Exercise Forging Sabre 2013 and 2015, Exercise Red Flag-Nellis 2014, Exercise Combat Hammer 2014 and Exercise Combat Archer 2014 and 2016.

He also achieved a key milestone in his flying career by achieving 2,600 flying hours on the F-15SG.

The PC V detachment was established in October 2008 and consists of approximately 16 U.S. Air Force airmen, 250 RSAF personnel and 95 contractors, to include pilots, weapons systems officers and ground crew.

Oon has over 3,200 flight hours and has served in various fighter squadrons in the RSAF on the A-4, F-16 and F-15SG platforms.

The Peace Carvin program has a history spanning 29 years with detachments at four other locations in the U.S.

The other locations with American-Singaporean partnership units include the PC II F-16 fighter detachment at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona; Peace Prairie CH-47 Chinook helicopter detachment in Grand Prairie, Texas; Peace Vanguard AH-64 Apache helicopter detachment at Marana, Arizona; and Peace Triton S-70B Sikorsky Seahawk naval helicopter detachment at San Diego, California.